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Sedimentation Analysis of Bili-Bili Damas an Effort for the Dam Continuity

Bili-Bili damin Jeneberang River has operated since 1999 and it is planned to continue until 2049. In 2004, landslide on the upstream side of Bawakaraeng Mountain caused the increase of sedimentation in the dam. The aim of this study is to define the percentage of the sediment increase in the dam storage, the remaining useful life of the dam, and efforts for the dam continued.In this study, the calculation of sediment distribution based on actual measurement together with area increment and area reduction method is done. It is found that storage in 2011 is 79,17 %of the effective storage, 18,11 % in the dead storage, and 2,69% in the flood control area, so the dam can operate until 2023. Keywords - Bili-Bili dam, sedimentation, storage