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Watershed Prioritization of Kumari and Kasai River Basins of Purulia District, West Bengal

The Land, water and soil are degraded and eroded with time due to improper natural resource management. In Present day, Watershed Prioritization is a significant and essential step for preventing the natural resource of watershed. Study on Drainage Morphometry and Watershed Prioritization have immense significance in Water resource management. The present study is profoundly concerned to watershed prioritization of Kasai and Kumari river Basins of Purulia District, West Bengal. The effectiveness of any water resource planning, conservation and management highly associated with Drainage Morphometric study and Watershed Prioritization of a Watershed. This analysis facilitate to planner, researcher to conduct the study on a watershed and implement a proper plan. The study has been emerged the analysis of drainage parameters such as linear, areal aspectsof Kumari and Kasai River basins using Remote Sensing and GIS, two advance effective tools. The study has been investigated the Linear parameters of Drainage Morphometric analysis include stream number (Nu), stream length (Lu) bifurcation ratio (R􀭠), etc., Areal parameters comprise watershed perimeter (P), watershed area (A), drainage density (D􀭢), stream frequency (F􀭱), elongation ration(R􀭣), circulatory ratio (R􀭡) etc. The result of the present GIS based Drainage Morphometric analysis and Prioritization has been revealed that Kasai- Patkol has comes under the high risk for soil erosion and need to give high priority for land conservation practices. The outcome of the present study may be useful for the social benefit and stakeholders at different levels may be benefitted. Keywords - Morphometric Analysis, Watershed Pririotization , Remote Sensing, Geographical Information System (GIS)