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To Analyse the Effect of Chopped Strand Mat Wrapping for Column Strengthening

The data from earlier researches have shown that the use of fibre reinforced polymer for retrofitting the column of buildings and can be a suitable alternative which can replace with the common traditional way of doing so, those methods are RCC jacketing or steel plate bounding for retrofitting the column. These methods also good but have some limitations such as RCC jacketing significantly increase the cross section of the column hence make the building less spacious and the extra cross section of concrete jacketing on column result in extra dead load on building which is not beneficial for the building and some other reasons are these methods are very extension and time consuming. So we went towards other suitable alternative for strengthening the columns of existing buildings. This paper depicts an experimental study that measures the effects of glass fibre E-450 chopped strand mat wrapping on different shapes of specimens with the help of suitable resin adhesive and check the strength of specimens in differenttesting machines. The chopped strand mat also known as CSM is generally consist of glass fibre strands generally in size of 25 and 50 millimeter which are randomly orientated and that are held to together in the mat with the help of styrene soluble binder which act like a glue and connecting the glass fibres. This paper has been produced to study the effect of chopped strand mat wrapping on column with the help of testing the different specimen in compression, tension and in flexure with singly wrapped or double wrapped specimens which wrapped with the help of epoxy resin and comparing their strengths with unwrapped specimen. The data from the experimental test results for various properties of chopped strand mat wrapping on M30 grade of concrete have been considered and the results are evaluated and compare with the unwrapped specimens. The tests used for examination are Slump test, Compaction factor test, Compressive Strength Test, Split Tensile test and Flexural strength test. The data analysis shows that the strength of concrete is improved by wrapping of specimen with chopped strand mat compared to unwrapped specimen. Keywords - Fibre reinforced polymer, Chopped strand mat, Retrofitting, Resin adhesive, Epoxy resin.