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Impact of Surface Plasma Treatment on the Performance of PET Scattered Fiber Reinforcement

The aim of this paper is to show the influence of plasma treated PET fibers used as scattered micro reinforcement in cementitious composites and to compare it to non-treated fibers. Plasmatic treatment enhances surface roughness of PET fibers and also activates polar groups resulting in the lowering of surface energy. These properties lead to better stress transfer across cracks. Improved adhesion between primary (non-recycled) fibers and the surrounding matrix was examined by four point flexural tests. Plasmatic treatment of recycled PET fibers resulted in a lower tensile capacity because of reduced cross-section area of the fibers. The bridging force provided by plasma treated fibers led to the lowered abrupt cracking behavior and limited crack openings of tested samples. Keywords - Fiber Reinforcement, Plasma Treatment, PET Fiber, Cementitious Paste, Four Point Bending.