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Autonomous Healing of Concrete- A Review

In this paper, the autonomous healing occurrence in concrete has reviewed on the basis of the literature survey. The self-healing of the concrete is of great significance in healing the cracks. Self-healing overcomes in small cracks due to of calcium carbonate precipitation. Further hydration makes the concrete watertight and enhances its durability. To improve the properties of a concrete and to overcome the lack of feasibility of autogenous healing, approaches targeted autonomous healing related papers are reviewed. The two main approaches employed for the autonomous healing of concrete, i.e. the expansive admixtures and crystalline admixtures, are addressed here. From the review it has concluded that the expansive admixtures and crystalline admixtures are used as additives in concrete are useful with respect to the surface crack closing phenomenon. Index terms - Cracks, Self-healing, Admixture, Approaches Autonomous healing.