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Psychological Predictors of the Theory of Sustained Behaviour in Examining Mobile Phone users While Driving

Using a mobile phone while driving is a cause of concern worldwide, often due to distraction. The study adopted eight constructs from the theory of sustained behaviour (habit, consequence, experience, friends, caution, consult, patience and safety). It investigated 266 responses of drivers on their behavioral thoughts on using the mobile phone while driving on these eight constructs. This study clustered two distraction factors from the above constructs. The two factor loadings were formed from an oblimin rotation, “Inattention” and “Haste” with principle components that explain 53.52 % of the total variance. The study found younger drivers responses had a higher rating of distraction behaviour, which could contribute to a risk on road users. Male drivers are close to habits of using the phone while driving rather than female drivers. Findings suggests 51% of the variance in the dependent variable of the multiple regression are explained by the independent variables indicating that using the eight constructs are an approach in the right direction. This promising finding will contribute to understanding how these behaviors were identified, which would be a valuable knowledge that can mitigate these distracting behaviors and eventually reduce road crashes. Keywords - Texting, Theory of sustained behaviour, Inattention, Distraction, Road safety