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Plan B Mask And Connection Of A 3-Wheeled Wheelchair Prototype

Even in this space age there are many individuals with disability who can seldom operate a manual wheelchair which necessitates the need for development of newer and easier to operate technologies, with cost effective designs. Everyday the number of people who need an external aid to move around freely are increasing, according to World Health Organization (WHO) there are about one billion people who are suffering from many disabilities like paraplegia, partial paralysis, phocomelia etc. This project is aimed at developing a three wheeled wheelchair which makes use of an accelerometer to bring about the manoeuvres of the wheelchair. There are many available electric wheelchairs which makes use of two motors at each of the rear wheels to bring about the desired motions of the wheelchair, whereas the wheelchair developed in this project makes use of independent systems for driving and steering whose control is much simpler as opposed to more complex conventional designs.