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Blot Out And 3d Modelling Of Straight Close By Absent And Docking (Vtol) Tilt Quad Rotorrc Aircraft

The traditional Fixed Wing RC aircraft requires a long runway. It is incapable of a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) scenario. Also its maneuvering capability around objects is limited. This makes it inaccessible for certain applications. On the other hand the Rotary Wing Aircraft (Quadcopter or Helicopter) will have the VTOL ability but the disadvantage is its slow operational speed. Also the consumption of energy is greater than a Fixed Wing RC aircraft.The proposed tilt Quad Rotor Aircraft would be capable of the VTOL feature like a Rotary Wing Aircraft. It would also have features resembling a Fixed Wing Aircraft. Hence, the proposed solution would be a hybrid of a Quadcopter and a Fixed Wing RC Aircraft and will have the advantages of both Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing Aircrafts.