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A Fuzzy Approach to Evaluating Workload and Schedule Progress for Construction Projects During the Design Phase

Owners and contractors typically project progress in different ways, causing disputes and obstructing project implementation. The milestone method is usually used to measure the progress of a project during the planning and design stages. However, this method lacks the ability to quantitatively measure the specific design workload and cannot provide an early warning mechanism for project issues. The main reason for this is the difficulty of using a precise semantic description to evaluate planning and design work. Earned Value Management (EVM) is a common method for project management. Previously, EVM focused on cost management; however, more recently, it has been used successfully in time management. In this study, a fuzzy semantic method, combined with EVM, is developed to quantify design work activities and estimate schedule progress in time performance management. A case study of a simple construction project during the design phase is performed to demonstrate and verify this fuzzy approach. Keywords- Earned Value Management, Fuzzy Theory, Design Work, Schedule Progress.