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To Estimate Groundwater Recharge using Swat Modelinastaneh Plain

One of the most important methods for optimal use of water resources is true management of catchment basins and thus simulation of hydrologic events in the basins could be an optimal solution. A commonly used model to simulate these events is SWAT, a semi physical- semi distributed continuous-time model developed to predict impacts of different management practices in water cycle. In the present study, SWAT model was used to hydrologically simulate Astaneh – Kouchesfahan Plain. At first, this basin was simulated for periods 2004-2014 and then the results were validated and calibrated using recharge measurement in Pol Astaneh station. The results were acceptable. Using the SWAT, amount of groundwater recharge in Astaneh- Kouchesfahan plain was estimated around 141/07 million square meters. Keywords- Aquifer, Groundwater recharge, Validation, SWAT.