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Numerical Analysis of High Rise RCC Buildings with Shear Walls Having Opening of Different Shapes

Shear walls are provided in high rise structures and structures located in higher seismic vulnerability areas. The primary purpose of shear wall is to resist lateral forces arising due to earthquake or wind. This project aims to study effect of various types of openings and without openings in shear wall on behavior of structural frames. In this study different storied RCC buildings with shear wall have been analyzed using finite element software ETABS9. The same buildings have analyzed having openings of different shapes (Rectangular, Triangular) and without openings in shear wall. The structures are analyzed with equivalent static method. Non Llinearity is not considered here. Deflection, axial force, shear force, bending moment of column of buildings having shear wall with opening and without opening have been obtained. Deflection, axialforce, shearforce, bending moment increase with number of stories. Buildings having 8,10,12,15 stories have been analyzed. The longest span in X direction is 22 ft. and in Y direction is 20 ft. Total length in X direction is 110 ft. and in Y direction is 60 ft. The comparative results have showed that the deflection, axial force, shear force and bending moment at bottom column depend on the shapes of openings with different number of stories of structures. Index Terms- Shear Wall, Shear Wall Opening, High Rise RCC Building, Soft Storey.