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A Numerical Study on The Shape Characteristics of Circular Underground Cavity

In recent years, ground subsidence phenomenon frequently occurs in the world. The Korean government has enacted a special law on underground safety and the law will be enforced from January 1, 2018. Under this law, underground excavation should be assessed for underground safety impacts. After excavation construction, periodic geophysical surveys should be conducted to investigate the occurrence of underground cavities. When underground cavities were discovered, the underground safety was assessed through numerical analysis. However, there is controversy because the method of numerically modeling the discovered underground cavity has not been established. In this study, the effect of the depth of the underground cavity from the shape of the underground cavity to the underground cavity was studied using a continuum analysis program. In this study, a method to reflect the circular shape underground cavity to the numerical modeling is presented. The relationship between circular shape and depth of the underground cavity and the factor of safety calculated by the shear strength reduction method (SSR) is presented. The results of this study are expected to be basic data on underground safety impact assessment. Index Terms- Underground Cavity, Numerical Analysis, Ground Subsidence, Shear Strength Reduction Method (SSR)