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Analysis on The Effectivity of Glazed Double Skin Facade in Promoting Indoor Air Movement

There are many advantages of double skin façade, and thus it is applied widely in building design. One of the advantages is that the double skin façade presumably can deliver wind into the room. This study aims to investigate that specific advantage of the double skin façade. The research built a double skin façade prototype designated for high rise buildings. The prototype had already been studied in experimental and numerical manner. The study was in terms of surface temperature reduction due to the double skin façade installation. Hence, this study is a continuation of the previous work. This research use numerical method using Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation to model the air flow created by the double skin façade. The double skin façade is attached to a 5 x 5 m2 room as the case study. Three schemes are simulated, which is differed only by the double skin façade’s width. The results reveal a positive linear correlation between the wind speeds that enter the room to the double skin façade’s width. Index Terms- buoyancy-driven ventilation, computational fluid dynamics, double skin façade, indoor air movement.