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Optimizing the Utilization Cement Slag and Fly Ash of Concrete Quality

Development of knowledge and technology in the field of Construction required a building material that has a better advantage than existing building materials so far. The use of concrete using slag and fly ash reduces the consumption of cement so that efficiency is expected in the construction world, but licensing the use of hazardous waste is not easy in Indonesia.The experimental method tested on the K100-700 concrete quality from laboratory testing with a percentage of 20% indicates a sufficiently favorable level of efficiency.In addition, the quality obtained is equivalent to standard concrete products. Utilization of hazardous waste can cut production costs, however, regulations related to the use of hazardous waste for raw materials of concrete should be facilitated since it can cut production costs, and it is also helping reduce environmental pollution. Index Terms - Cement Slag , Fly Ash, Concrete Quality, Production Cost.