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Improvement of Ground Water by Replacement of Earthern Kattas by Bison Panel Sheet Katta System

In India 83% of available water is used for agriculture. Hence it is necessary to store and conserve water available at the end of rainy season. Here we have adopted katta system of water storage. Katta is a temporary structure made by binding mud and loose stones available locally. they are usually built across small streams and rivers, this kattas slows the flow of water, and stores a large amount during the dry months. The collected water gradually seeps into ground and increase the water level of nearby wells and water sources. In coastal ares they also minimize the flow of fresh water into the sea.kattas are cost effective and simple method, used widely in rural ares. Thus kattas can go a long way in water management. Here we have adopted Bison Panel sheets in kattas instead of ordinary earthern kattas to overcome the problems faced in earthern kattas.The properties of bison sheets are: Weather Resistance: With cement constituting 62% of its composition, Bison offers excellent resistance to weather. The board has been subjected to many cycles of soaking, freezing, & heating without any sign of disintegration. Biological Properties: Due to mineralisation of wood particles by cement, Bison Panel is resistant to termite & vermin attack. It also does not support fungal growth. Untreated samples exposed to contact with ground surface for several years have no sign of rot or decay. Further, Bison is radiologically fit for use as per BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Center) test reports. Chemical Stability: Bison Panel is manufactured by an irreversible process combining cement & wood particles into a chemically stable building material which maintains its strength with time & exposure to elements. The board is unaffected by many dilute chemicals such as brines, bleaches, detergents, & chlorine solutions. Replacing the earthern kattas by bison panel sheet kattas helps in reducing seepage and labour problem to a large extent. Due to its best chemical and physical properties bison sheets are best suited compared to other materials like metal sheets,fibre sheets etc. The cost of bison sheet is 75Rs per sq feet and is most economical compared to any other methods.Hence we have adopted this method in improving the ground water. Keywords - Bison panel sheet, Katta, Binding mud, Seepage.