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Novel Stormwater Drainage System with Multiple Benefits for New Urban Area of Surat City (India)

The management and planning of natural resources play an important role in the prosperity and economy in human life. Sustainable integrated approach of stormwater drainage system in conjunction with groundwater recharge has been considered in this research for multiple benefits. This research paper is focused on stormwater design and rain water harvesting with achieving overall economy and improvement of groundwater quality. The artificial saving of rain water, reduction in stormwater drainage system components and economical analysis is the major achievement of this research work. The study area selected is T.P.S. (Town Planning Scheme) – 42 & 43 – Bhimrad, a new urban area of Surat city (India) which has frequent urban flood problem in rainy days. The economical diameter of groundwater recharge well to be used in integrated approach is 20 cm. Due to reduction in pipe sizes in proposed integrated approach, the benefit cost (B/C) ratio is 1.49. Index Terms – Economical Analysis, Integratedpproach, Benefit-Cost, Rainwater Harvesting