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An Experimental Study on the Variations in Mechanical Performance of Concrete Components

The performance of reinforced concrete members is a consequence of factors such as the material variability of concrete, variation of the water/binder ratio (W/B), and binder type. The performance of concrete members is greatly influenced by the compressive strength, tensile strength, and elastic modulus of the concrete, which plays a dominant role in the performance variation compared to other factors. Various experimental studies have been carried out on the variability of concrete materials. However, studies on the mechanical properties according to the mixing characteristics have been undertaken from various viewpoints. In this study, we investigated the mechanical properties, compressive strength, and elastic modulus of concrete according to the W/B ratio, binder type, and binder replacement ratio. In particular, we evaluated and compared the mechanical characteristics of ternary blended concrete with separate application of fly ash (FA) and blast furnace slag (BFS) each and the simultaneous application of both FA and BFS. The results of this study show that the FA is excellent not only in the initial expression rate but also in the long-term strength. In contrast, the blast furnace slag powder showed a low expression of initial strength intensity, but the expression of its long-term intensity increases with age. However, the strength expression characteristics of fly ash are generally superior to those of blast furnace slag powder. Furthermore, as mentioned above, the characteristics of the ternary blended concrete are similar to those of blast furnace slag powder. In addition, the results of evaluating the relationship between compressive strength and elastic modulus revealed that their relationship was almost constant regardless of the W/B ratio, admixture type, and admixture replacement rate. The results of this study indicate that the elastic modulus of concrete can be effectively derived from the compressive strength. Index Terms - Concrete, Mechanical Properties, Ternary Blended