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A Fundamental Study on Cement type Stabilizer of Radioactive Waste Disposal Container using Waste Concrete Powder

This fundamental study investigated the reuse of aggregates of fine powder from the concrete of dismantled nuclear power plants as cement for radioactive waste disposal containers. To identify the recyclability of this material, the physical properties, crystal structure, liquidity, and compressive strength of the clinker were evaluated. In addition, the properties of mixtures of the recycled cement, limestone, and iron oxide were analyzed. The specific gravity and fineness of the manufactured clinker were found to be similar to those of ordinary Portland cement. XRD analysis revealed that, after mixing with limestone, oxidized steel, and firing, the manufactured clinker produced large amounts of cement hydration products after firing. A clinker with excellent performance was obtained for use in cement products when mixed with limestone and oxidized steel.. Index Terms - Recycling, Cement Stabilizer, Disposal Container, Radioactive Waste.