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Shear and Reaction Distribution in Skew Multicell Box-Beam Bridges

This paper presents a study of skewness effect on live load reactions at piers and shear forces of continuous multicell box-girder concrete bridges (MCB). Two MCB bridges were selected for the research, one bridge with two-span and the other with three-span. To study the effect of skewness, the skew angles varied from 0o to 60o with 150 increment. The selected bridges were modeled using finite element methods and analyzed to obtained bridge responses. It was concluded that there is a significant difference between the reaction and shear distribution factors of skewed bridges, so that the reaction distribution factor corner is higher than that of the beam shear. The reaction distribution factor in external girders is increased more strikingly and rapidly than that in internal girders. Index Terms - Piers, Shear, Distribution Factor.