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An Advance Electronics Dustbin for Waste Management System

The waste production in the recent time has increased tremendously in the world as well as in India. The management of this large amount of waste is very difficult and hence due to the poor waste management it is producing lots of problems and health related issues. To simplify the waste management issue we have designed an advance waste management system which is mainly comprises of E-buckets, centralized controlling system, web portal and an android application. It is a digital system which is able to provide the information about the amount of waste collected in each dustbin all over the city, location of all the dustbins, way to reach the dustbins and type of the waste material every second so that we can collect the waste on the proper time with the convenience. The given advance waste management system helps to reduce the labor cost and transportation cost of the waste management and plays a vital role in the improvement of the human health and environmental health of the city due to proper waste management. Keywords - Advance Waste Management Unit, Waste Collection, E-Bucket Application, E-Bucket Web Portal, Recycling.