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Seismic Response of a Regular Multi Story Building under Different Soil Conditions

When a structure is subjected to an earthquake excitation, it interacts with the foundation and soil, and thus changes the motion of the ground. It means that the movement of the whole ground structure system is influenced by type of soil as well as by the type of structure. In this paper, two types of building with rigid and flexible base foundations with different soil conditions is considered and analysis is carried out based on Time history analysis using ETAB. To find out seismic performance of rigid and flexible to RCC building, parameters as, Natural time period and maximum story displacement, should be studied. It was found that by comparing the flexible base results with Rigid base results for different models. Rigid base structure shows better seismic performance in all soil conditions. The recent histories of earthquakes have indicated that if the structures are not properly designed and constructed with required quality may cause great damage to structures. There is need to determine seismic responses of such building for designing earthquake resistant structures by carrying seismic analysis of structure. In this study, different soil conditions (i.e. Hard, Medium and soft) are taken and corresponding Time period, base shear and story displacement with two types of building with Rigid and flexible base as G+15 for earthquake zone IV. Six types of building modelled in ETAB 2016 corresponding to different soil properties. Keywords - Rigid Base, Flexible Base, Base shear, Story displacement, ETAB etc.