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Self-Cleansing Cement Matrix using Nano Titanium Dioxide

Rapid urbanization and need for greater concrete structures has brought about two major air-quality related problems. The increase in the number of vehicles on the street and growth of industries worldwide has degraded the air quality that we breathe. The demand for large amounts of concrete to build our superstructures has increased our use of cement. Cement production is a very energy demanding process that contributes to a large percentage of the global greenhouse gas production, particularly the release of carbon dioxide. Consequently, the need to determine ways to clean our air is of vital importance. This study investigated the use of titanium dioxide in degrading methylene blue concentration as an indication of the metal in degrading common gaseous pollutants. Results showed that low concentration of 2% titanium dioxide was efficient in reducing the MB concentration. Furthermore, it was determined that the titanium dioxide-coated cement matrices were resistant to acid attack. Index Terms- Cement matrix, self-cleansing concrete, titanium dioxide, UV light