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Experimental Characterization of Phase Transformation of Fe–15mn–10cr–8ni–4si (Wt. %) Iron-Based Shape Memory Functional Materials using Dilatometry

Shape memory alloys memorize their previous shape. They have revolutionized the material engineering science due to their shape memory effect and super-elasticity. They can restore their shape upon heating or by removing the load. Iron based shape memory alloys (Iron-SMAs) have potential to be the counterpart of Nitinol. They have been used and found to be effective as these are less expensive comparing with Nitinol. Fe-Mn-Si based Iron-SMAs have a great interest in future applications. Transformation behaviour decides the environment where the real engineering application of shape memory alloy is. In this research, phase transformation of Fe-15Mn-10Cr-8Ni-4Si (wt. %) iron-based shape memory functional material has been experimentally investigated using dilatometry analysis. Keywords- Phase transformation, dilatometry, Fe-Mn-Si alloy, SMA