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Determination of Design Shear Strength of Concrete

This paper presents the work reported in the literature indicates that the many attempts are made to predict the design shear strength of concrete so as to capture the behavior of the concrete in real sense. Taking into account the availability of the study material, test results and resources available the aim and scope of the work. The main aim of the study is to investigate the attempt made by different researchers for the prediction of the design shear strength of concrete. The researchers have proposed the equations which hold good for the test data set which was collected through conducting the experimentation. The present study aims at identifying the critical parameter influencing the resistance to shear strength of concrete. After identifying these crucial parameters, attempt is made to develop the equation to predict the shear strengt h of concrete using multiple regression analysis. The present work also aims at conducting preliminary experimentation on the concrete specimen in the form of L section to understand the shear failure of the concrete specimen. Keywords - Strength of Concrete, Span to Depth Ratio, Longitudinal Reinforcement Ratio, The Shear Strength of Concrete.