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Concept and Practice of Effective Buildings Maintenance Management through Bim Utilization: Dammam Metropolitan Area as A Case Study

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is considered as a strategy and technology that is significantly growing and involved in different phases of built environments projects such as design and construction. Recently, it has been enhanced in the occupancy phase, specifically Operation and Maintenance (O&M). It has offered various supports to the used maintenance information systems due to its visualization and integration. Thus, this paper aimed to present the effective maintenance management of buildings through the use of BIM tools and techniques, in addition to the assessment of the utilization of these tools and techniques in the industry by considering Dammam Metropolitan Area as case study. The followed approach in this paper was firstly started with identifying BIM tools and techniques contributing to accomplish effective maintenance management, then secondly conducting a survey questionnaire (n = 20) to assess the rate of using these tools techniques. The adopted method for evaluating the data was frequency analysis, and severity index. The study has revealed the followings: (1) BIM is representing a valuable tool for buildings’ maintenance management due to its integrated modules as well as the 3D visualization; (2) based on the review of literature, 14 BIM tools and techniques are effectively utilized in the maintenance management of buildings, in which these tools and techniques they have been categorized under four elements; and (3) the assessment of these tools and techniques has found on one hand that the most utilized technique and always used was “computerized maintenance planning based on a set pf pre-acquired information”, while on the other hand it has found that tools and techniques regarding to modeling of building and maintenance information in BIM platform were the lowest utilized tools and techniques. Accordingly, the authors have proposed a set of recommendations. Keywords- BIM, Buildings, Maintenance Management, tools, techniques, Dammam Metropolitan Area.