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Investigating the Effect of Customer Relationship Management on Customer Retention in Healthcare Industry

The study deals with the variables that have a notable impact on customer retention in healthcare industry. Impact of customer relationship management on customer retention and other related variables like loyalty, satisfaction is also dealt in the research. Including the dimensions of service sector that measure the performance of a service, variables according to Indian context are also taken into consideration .Healthcare industry is considered to be the most developing and fast growing service sector with new technologies in present era. The base upon which this sector runs is, its customers (patients) and the relation that exists between the physician and the patient. The methods used for analysis were factor analysis that reduced the various factors and multiple regression analysis to test the significance and impact of customer relationship management on customer retention. Findings of the research are the CRM factors that contribute most to the retention of customers in health sector are empathy, assurance and affordability and the health sector has to improve and update its training procedures in order to understand patients need in specific and better way. Keywords - Customer Relationship Management, Customer Retention, Health Sector.