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ECO-SWPS Bricks: Sustainable Construction Components from Industrial Wastes

The utilisation of waste from industry in the development of advanced materials has been exemplifying the researcher enthusiasm to create eco-accommodating building components. In this study two industrial waste materials under investigation, Solid Waste Fly Ash (SwFA) and Paint Sludge (PS) were mixed with laterite clay (LC) as target materials in the advancement of eco-bricks. Traditional binder, Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), Hydrated Lime (HL) used on its own and also mixed with Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (OPC:GGBS and HL:GGBS at 50:50 ratio). 30% stabiliser dosage was used for the eco-bricks. Two (2) systems of target materials LC:SwFA (50:50) and LC:SwFA:PS (50:25:25) were examined. This broad research intends to examine properties for the compressive strength, flexural strength, rate of absorption, and SEM analysis of the materials. The fabricated bricks were air cured for different curing period prior to engineering and environmental testing. The results demonstrated that the system of LC:SwFA:PS with blended stabiliser HL-GGBS recorded the best engineering properties for sustainable bricks. Keywords - Solid waste fly ash; Paint sludge, eco-bricks; Industrial waste,