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Acoustic Noise Loggers’ Financial Analysis for Expanding Their Coverage Over Montreal’s Water Network

Canada’s water and wastewater infrastructures are at risk. The average water losses due to leaks are dramatically increasing where; they were estimated at 23% in the city of Montreal’s water network. Therefore, early leak detection and repair will help in reducing those losses and keeping the water infrastructure sustainable and healthy. This paper aims at developing a decision-making model to assist municipalities in quantifying the potential financial benefits of expanding the acoustic noise loggers’ coverage over the water network. The framework functions through the following models: (1) central database that contains information on the network characteristics; leaks; repair cost; surrounding conditions; (2) financial model that computes the capital and operational expenditures (CAPEX and OPEX) associated with purchasing and installing the acoustic noise loggers; (3) leak repair models that calculates the repair-associated cost; and (4) risk model that computes the probability and consequences of breaks for both systems. The outcome of the analysis displayed positive results in favor of expanding the coverage of the noise loggers with 26% financial savings over the study horizon. Even through, it seems to cost more at the first glance, when looking at the CAPEX and OPEX, but they do not highly contribute to the overall cost where; they only represent 21% from the overall cost. The developed models support the city in taking informed decision with respect to expanding the acoustic noise loggers’ coverage. Keywords - Aluminium Alloys, Plasma Spray, Thermal Barrier Coatings, Thermal Fatigue, Yttria-Zirconia.