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Comparative Analysis of a Shallow Shell with The Use of Metal and Basalt Reinforcement

The article considers the advantages of shell construction with basalt reinforcement in comparison with metal, their behavior is analyzed when reinforcing concrete. To elaborate and make it easier to answer the question of the recommendable reinforcement material for the analyzed structure on this paper, a computer analysis was carried out to compare the parameters of composite basalt and metal fittings for the structure. Basalt bars commonly known as Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer (BFRP) is an innovative component, and hence the differences and limitations of their bondage with concrete in structural members in comparison with conventional steel reinforcement of RCC members are identified. The article considers the calculation by the finite element method of the reinforced concrete shell on the curvilinear plan using two variants of reinforcement, basalt reinforcement and metal. Keywords - Concrete, Concrete Reinforcement, Metal Rebar, Composite Rebar, Basalt Fiber