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FEA-Based Optimization of an Effective CFRP Confinement for Circular CFT Columns Under Cyclic Lateral Loading

Evaluating the structural response of concrete-filled tubular (CFT) steel columns under the combined effects of axial and cyclic lateral loads is a challenge. Accordingly, this study provides new nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA) results of 21 models for CFT columns confined with carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) wrapping at its end. As the end region of the column represents the critical location in terms of the maximum lateral load moment, the intent is to confine the column end to avoid outward local buckling of the CFT column and thus developing high strength, larger net drift and more energy dissipation. The nonlinear FEA models were properly validated with reputable experimental results. After validation, a parametric study was carried out to assess the influence of the number of CFRP layers and axial load level on the CFT column performance. Interesting results were presented in this paper as it was determined that the use of 8 CFRP layers for the evaluated CFT column is the optimum regardless of the axial load level. Also, it was confirmed that the column axial load level significantly affects the CFT steel column behavior under cyclic loading; better behavior as the axial load level increased. Keywords - CFT Columns, FRP Confinement, Cyclic Lateral Loading, FEA