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Effect of Compositional Parameter on Mechanical Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete based of Ground Dune Sand

The Self-compacting concrete (SCC) are a new family but also a new technological step in the field of Civil Engineering. This new technique has gradually developed in Europe and is now established as a support technique that will eventually replace the conventional technique of concrete vibrated in many applications. However, this development can only be achieved with some support tools as new characterization tests requiring new equipment to job rules adapted to their specificities. The characteristics of the SCC are directly related to their composition, namely cement, aggregates and water. The research work is therefore to carry out a comparison in terms of mechanical performance between different SCC based formulations Ground dune sand (GDS) to find the optimal ratio of water on cement (W/C). This study showed that the use of GDS, as an addition, in the composition of SCC contributes to a slight variation of the parameters of workability fresh still remaining in the area of SCC required by AFGC recommendations. Thus, the mechanical properties of SCC are inversely proportional with the W/C ratio, the mechanical strengths of SCC increased with the decrease of W/C (interesting values, 55 MPa for the compression W/C = 0 4). Finally, we can conclude that our results provide evidence mechanical performance for dune sand development prospects in the new concrete, namely the SCC. Index Terms - Self-Compacting Concrete, Ground Dune Sand, W/C Ratio, Formulation, Mechanical Performance.