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Evaluation of Equivalent Axle Load Equation based on Deflection Value before and after a Flexible Pavement is Given Overlay

Some of the factors that cause premature damage to the flexible pavement system in Indonesia was allegedly caused by several things including the equation Equvalen axle load (EAL) that are not in accordance with the situation in Indonesia, where the majority of heavy vehicles carrying excess load (overloaded).The value of EAL which is based on the theory of permanent deformation in flexible pavement is highly dependent on the value of the modulus of elasticity (E) the structure of the pavement, vertical strain (εz), and the deflection (d) right under the tire load and tire pressure (q) certain. By testing the value of a deflection in flexible pavement before and after a given pavement overlay in the suspect will affect the equation EAL, Pavement deflection testing was done at the time before and after a given flexible pavement overlay. Implementation of the testing was done using a Falling Weight Defflectometer (FWD) with a variety of loading. The data of test results that the value of the deflection (d), the modulus of elasticity (E) and vertical strain (εz) further analyzed to obtain equation form EAL. The analytical method used to obtain the form EAL equation is linear regression analysis and non linear. Based on the analysis results will be obtained form the new EAL equation. From the research analysis, the power value obtained before the flexible pavement was given a higher added layer than after the pavement was added overlay. Keywords - Equivalent Axle Load (EAL), Overlay, Overloaded, Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD).