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Evaluation of Rutting Performance of Polymer Modified Bituminous Concrete Mix using Marble Dust as Filler Replacement

Flexible pavements deform due to heavy wheel loads beyond its design. This results in the distress or deformation of the pavement surface. One of the such distress is rutting which ultimately damages the entire pavement.. In this study, modified binder is used which reduces susceptibility to temperature thus imparting stability to pavement surface. In addition, Marble Dust has been used for the preparation of the mix as filler replacement as is abundantly disposed in open landfill which is causing serious problem to the environment as well as to the mankind. From the Marshall test conducted on these specimens, the highest value of Marshall Stability was obtained at 6% Marble Dust as filler replacement in Polymer Modified BC mix. The Optimum Binder Content obtained is 5.53% for Polymer Modified BC mix for varying proportion of Marble Dust as filler replacement. The rut specimens are produced with conventional mix as well as with Marble dust as filler replacement in order to compare the results. The developed specimens are tested in the Immersion Wheel Tracking Equipment with a standard Tyre pressure. The values obtained are the rut depth of the specimen when subjected to 10000-wheel passes. The analysis was made on all the values obtained from the rutting test to evaluate the rut resistance offered by the Polymer Modified BC mix containing Marble dust as filler replacement. Keywords - Marshall Stability, Modified binder, Rut Depth, Number of Passes, Marble Dust