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Analysis of Tubular Structure in High Rise Buildings

In the construction of high rise buildings, the tubular structure is more effective way of stable and economic construction. The tube system resists lateral loads i.e. wind load, earthquake load, impact loads, etc. The tube system is formed by outer perimeter tube made of closely spaced columns which acts like a dense and strong structural wall and inner core connected by spandrel beams and floor slabs with moment connections. The building behaves like a hollow cylinder cantilevered perpendicular to the ground. The load is carried by the outer peripheral tube and inner core which resist the ability of the structure to overturn. The remaining structure is column free so that this structural system improves stabilit y and floor space to be utilized. Tubular structure is more common since few decades. It has many types but tube-in-tube structure is more suitable in those. In this study, 8 models are prepared by changing the position of the core and shape of the building and the comparative analysis is done in SAP 2000:V18. Keywords - Tube-In-Tube Structure, Peripheral Tube, Inner Core, Floor Slab.