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Modified Wood Products for Sustainable Housing Buildings in R. of Macedonia

The housing sector is one of the most intensive in terms consumption of materials and energy resources, thus responsible for the detrimentation of the environment and the production of large amount of emissions and waste. In Republic of Macedonia the largest part of the housing stock hold is built of conventional concrete and masonry structures. In order to improve the sustainability of the buildings and contribute to the sustainable development of the country it is of crucial importance to change the architectural and construction practice towards using more sustainable materials. The objective of this research is to show that wooden products can significantly improve the sustainability of houses, compared to conventional concrete and masonry buildings. Therefore, a case study of a typical house is selected and four alternatives are analyzed in terms of the influence of the chosen construction materials on the environment and their emissions Life- Cycle Assessment (LCA).The results show the emissions of a given construction element as well as their share to the overall emissions of the building. The authors would like to acknowledge the support of the FP1407 ModWoodLife Action for its excellent research and networking possibilities. Keywords - Building simulation performance, Energy performance, Residential buildings, Sustainability.