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Axle Load Distribution and Failure Pattern on Highways in Nigeria: A Case Study of The Traffic Analysis on Jebba-Mokwa-Bokani Road in Niger State, Nigeria

The purpose of this paper is to determine the axle load distribution and failure pattern on the Jebba-Mokwa- Bokani road in Niger State, Nigeria due to overloaded trucks and proffer solutions in controlling overloading on the highway that led to the deterioration of the highway. To address this concern, a seven day classified traffic and axle load survey was conducted to determine the Average Daily Traffic (ADT), percentage heavy vehicles. Result shows that the studied highway was overstressed eight times beyond the Nigerian standard axle load of 80kN. This indicates that the road is busy leading to the fast deterioration of the road pavement. It is recommended that proper and adequate axle load control systems be applied on the road to avoid pavement damage. Keywords- Average Daily Traffic, Axle Load, Equivalent Standard Axle Load, Heavy Goods Vehicle, Overloading.