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Properties of Concrete using Crushed Brick as Coarse Aggregate

Sustainability and material use have been becoming increasingly important in industry and academia in recent years. The investigation reported in this paper is carried out to study the feasibility of using crushed brick to substitute the coarse aggregate in concrete, replacing stone aggregate (partly) by crashed brick. the target compressive strength of stone aggregate concrete was 34 MPa remaining concretes were made by replacing the stone aggregate (partly) by equal volume of brick aggregate while everything else was kept unchanged. The only variable considered in this study was the volumetric replacement (0%, 25%, 50, and 75%) of stone aggregate by brick aggregate. Crashed Brick materials are a great prospective material for aggregate replacement due to their desirable mechanical properties and availability in waste streams worldwide. A total of 4 numbers of concrete mixes specimens are casted with and without crushed bricks and tested under compression relevant to British standard specifications. Test results indicated that using crushed bricks reduces the strength of concrete. Also, the percentage of water to cement ratio increases for constant slump when the percentage of crushed bricks increased. Index terms - Recycled, Coarse Aggregate, Crushed Bricks, Concrete, Waste.