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Use of Finishes in Acoustic Control of a Multi-functional Building Complex

In today’s architectural environment, good acoustical design is not a luxury –it is a necessity. Acoustics has an impact on everything from employee productivity in office settings to performance quality in auditoriums, halls, conference room to the market value of apartments. Even though it is known that there is no single acoustical solution which can be universally applied to building design, each built environment offers its own unique set of acoustical parameters. The acoustical design for a business conference room, for instance, differs greatly from the design needed for a kindergarten classroom. Understanding these differences and knowing how to utilize building materials, system design and technologies are key factors behind successful acoustical design. Proper analysis of building finishes that support sound propagation and acoustic of a space not neglecting area of utility is the focus Keywords - Architectural Environment; Acoustics; Productivity; Performance; Auditoriums; Building Design; Building Finishes; Sound Propagation