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Experimental Behaviour of Neutralized Red Mud in Concrete by Replacing Cement Percentage

Red mud is a waste material made by the Bayer Process commonly used to convey alumina from bauxite all through the world. The purpose of the present research work was to inspect the probability of displacing the Portland concrete by red mud. Because of securing issues, the waste conflictingly impacts the earth. To deal with this issue, Portland bond was superseded up to 25% Red Mud by weight of cement. The compressive and split versatility of red mud concrete is surveyed in this paper. This examination takes a gander at the effects of red mud on the properties of concrete. The test results exhibit that how its compressive quality and part unbending nature reduces with addition red mud content, it is contemplated that Optimum dimension of the substitution of security by weight is seen to be 15%.By this rate substitution we can have quality is equal to the nature of apparent concrete. Keywords - Bayer Process, Compressive Strength, Red Mud, Split Tensile Strength.