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Extraction of Vegetation on Landsat Satellite by using NDVI Index for Agriculture Area

The purpose of the study is to extract of vegetation on landsat8 satellite by using Normalize Different Vegetation Index (NDVI index) for agriculture area. The NDVI index has an efficient technique for classification, agriculture area extraction in Pa Po sub district, Ban Phi district, KhonKaen province, Thailand. Using NDVI index can help to study in case for improving technique and reducing costs by using satellite data and technique of remote sensing and graphic information system. This document reveals that NDVI index can be used as extremely tools for extraction vegetation on agricultural area in the study area. The validation of extraction in the study has overall accuracy 86%. The result of a kappa coefficient is 0.7657 that indicated the result of classified is in the range of positive value, is considered a good for accuracy assessment. The study is can actually use and apply this index method for the agriculture area in planning or agricultural development. Keywords - Extraction, NDVI Index, Landsat, Vegetation, Agricultural area.