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Decolorization of Acidic Red and Cibacron Navy Blue Dyes in Nanofiltration and Ultrfiltration Membranes System

The present study was focus on the operating feasibility using nanofiltration (NF) and ultrfiltration (UF) membranes system to treat the wastewater of Kut Textile Plant (KTP). Acidic RED and Cibacron Navy Blue CNB reactive dyes were selected. Effects of feed temperature and operating pressure on dye and COD removal and permeate flux were studied. From result it noticed that when the pressure increased from 4 bars to 14 bars, the dye rejection and permeate flux was positively related where the dye removal increased 94.48% to 98.06% for RED dye, and from 94.84% to 98.53% for CNB dye in case of using NF system. While in UF system when the pressure increased from 2 bars to 6 bars, the dye removal increased from 77.40% to 80.74% and for CNB dye the increasing was from 79.06% to 81.25%. The operating pressure was effect positively on chemical oxygen demand but when the temperature increased from 25℃ to 37℃, adversely impact on COD rejection was for both membranes. Keywords - Wastewater, Dyes, Decolorization, Filtration, UF and NF Membranes.