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Effects of Aggregate Size on ASR Expansion in Concrete

This research aims to study the impact of aggregates size the expansion on mortar bars which affected from Alkali Silica Reaction(ASR), by the comparison was conducted on samples of different types and size of aggregates according to ASTM C1260 and the proposed modified methods. The tests can be separated into 2parts, which are the studies of expansion mortar bar behavior, and the studies of expansion modified mortar bar behavior. The replacement of 30% of the stone by reactive aggregate powder (RAP) show the reduction of ASR-expansion by up to 75%compared with control mortars. The reduction of the expansion due to RAP is discussed in terms of parameters affecting its efficiency and of the mechanisms responsible for the reduction. This research uses two types of sedimentary rock, Rhyolite and local Greywacke. Keywords- Alkali-aggregate reaction, Particle size, Alkali content, Expansion.