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Swelling Behavior of Bentonite Clay Under The Influence of Organic Fuels

Landfills are currently one of the most effective ways to dispose of wastes. Underground storage tanks (UGST) are also used to store hydrocarbon fluids that include different types of fuels. The bottom part of the landfills and UGST is critical. This liner material and its composition prevent heavy metals and leach ate from infiltrating to the groundwater table. Failure of this layer presumably causes most landfill failures. Bentonite clay is used to build such liner because of its properties including high cation exchange capacity and swelling index. The swelling of bentonite is sensitive to the type of liquid and load. It swells under low loads when submerged with water and to a lesser extent for ethanol. However, it undergoes consolidation when penetrated by biofuel. Bentonite undergoes swelling in water under high load (40 kPa) and consolidates for both alternative fuels (biofuel and ethanol). Under very high loads (100 kPa) bentonite consolidates for all kind of liquids including water. Keywords- Swelling, Bentonite, Clay, Organic, Fuels