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Building Information Modeling (BIM) and BIG Data Analytics for Construction Industry

The construction industry suffers from inadequate data management of current and past projects. Since, many projects result in problems such as exceeded budgets, time delays, quality problems, conflicts and missing data transfer between stakeholders, Building Information Modeling (BIM) was adopted in the industry to overcome those problems. With the help of BIM, information and analysis results of a project can be collected and used in various decision-making processes. However, a BIM model that consists of semantic and geometric information needs to be integrated with other methods to both manage and achieve necessary information without creating a software bottleneck. Besides, facility managers using BIM in the operational phases of a project need to gather dynamic data that produces too much information. In this context, Big Data Analytics has come into prominence to overcome the data volume, variety, and velocity in building the data resource for BIM model. Thus, in this study it was aimed to make an in depth literature review to reveal the advantages and disadvantages of BIM and Big Data Analytics integration. Keywords - Building Information Modeling (BIM), BIG Data Analytics.