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Determination of Flood Risk Mitigation Measures for Urban Areas

Floods causes direct and indirect damages to properties and infrastructures as well as having impact on lives and health of the population, commercial market, agricultural areas, cultural heritage, flora and fauna. Such huge variety of its effect makes it difficult to control if not managed with an integrated approach. Thus, determination of flood risk mitigation measures, from different perspectives, is desirable so as to achieve integrated solution. The aim of this paper is to determine and classify flood risk mitigation measures in hierarchical order. The main focus is to cover all type of measures that needs to be performed in order to decrease urban flood risks. The determination and classification of flood risk mitigation measures facilitate the selection of the most effective ones in the relevant area. It will provide a wider perspective of flood risk to the institutions dealing with disaster coordination by incorporating different type of measures. Keywords - Flood Risk, Flood Management, Risk Mitigation Measures, Urban Flooding.