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Performance of Hybrid Green-Tech Lightweight Composite Floor System

A hybrid green-tech (H G-T) lightweight composite floor system comprises metal decking connected to a dry board using a self-drilling and self-tapping screw. H G-T, which is known as a lightweight composite floor structure, can be used for the floor, wall, and roof structures of buildings. The performance of composite floors remains at a low level because previous studies involved only the span under 2 meters. This study identifies the performance of H G-T composite flooring with geopolymer concrete infill under distributed bending loads and provides comparisons with normal concrete infill. The effect on deflection value is considered, and changes in the H G-T system stiffness with varying parameters are assessed. The experiment testing approach and a theoretical system behavior prediction are implemented to meet the target objective. Through a bending test, stiffness enhancement in the H G-T panel with geopolymer infill, that is, full board with geopolymer concrete infill, is proven to be >33% than that with normal concrete infill. The developed finite-element modeling successfully predicts the behavior of H G-T (with infill) floor system with >90% accuracy. Parametric study reveals that relative to using a geopolymer concrete infill can increase the stiffness of the H G-T system by using either simply supported or continuous panels between 24% to 57% . Keywords - Bending, Deflection, Dry Board, Finite Element Modelling, Geopolymer Concrete, Metal Decking