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Influence of Nonlinear Transformation of Data on Verification Lefort’s Formula for the Critical Crack Length

The solution of stress intensity factorsat the front of cracks emanating from the not chesis a standard fracture mechanics problem. Values of stress intensity factors are greatly affected by a notch geometry. A special effort was engagedin determination of the dependence of the stress intensity factor on the crack length and the critical crack length corresponding to a vanishing influence of the notch in stress intensity factors calculations. The aim of this article is to verify the Lefort’s formula for the critical crack by another way and to plot results in clear illustrative graphs. The Ansys finite element code was used for various combination of both the total length of the notch/crack configuration and the notch radius of U-notchesto draw the attention to the effects of non-linear transformation of data during the data processing. Keywords - Stress Intensity Factor, Notch Depth, Critical Crack Length, Data Processing, Power Function