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Properties of Pre-Cast Shear Walls Made by High Strength Foam Concrete Under Cyclic Load

Combining the concept of energy-saving and industrialization of building, a new type of assembled self-insulation shear wall prefabricated by high strength foam concrete with low thermal conductivity(HLFC) and suitable for low-rise residential buildings was proposed. In order to study the seismic performance of the wall, three specimens considering different axial compression ratio and height-width ratio were designed, and their seismic performance were analyzed under in-plane cycle loading. Test results showed that the new type of assembly connection effectively maintained the structural integrity and had stable hysteretic performance under the whole loading process. But, the diagonal cracks generated were much more than ordinary concrete shear walls because of the relatively low strength. The increase of axial compression ratio changed the control failure mode of the shear wall specimens with bending-shear failure mode, and brought an obvious increase in the load-bearing capacity, stiffness degradation and energy dissipation capacity. With the decrease of height-width ratio, HLFC shear wall shown brittle characteristics with a low ductility though other properties increased a lot too. Keywords - High-Strength Low Thermal Conductivity Foam Concrete; Pre-Cast Shear Wall; Load-Bearing Capacity; Seismic Performance.