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Active Mass Damper Vibrations Control under Earthquake Loads

Active control is considered as one of the most interesting methods to preserve structures from undesirable vibrations caused by any dynamic loads. The active mass damper is a reliable vibration control device in civil engineering area. To prove this reliability in structural vibration control a three-story scaled structure subjected to a seismic excitation is investigated. The active mass damper is installed on the top floor of the tested structure. However, a sliding mode controller is designed to calculate the control force to be generated by the active masse damper. The tested structure is excited using the time scaled Mexico City 1995 earthquake record and the numerical simulation results of the controlled and uncontrolled system are compared and depicted. The peak displacement reduction rate indicate clearly the effectiveness of the proposed control using active mass damper to reduce the structural displacement responses under earthquake excitations. Keywords - Active Mass Damper, Active Control, Sliding Mode Controller, Earthquake Loads, Vibration Attenuation.