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Semi Active Structural Control under Earthquake Loads using Magneto-Rheological Damper

Semi active control is one of the widely used strategies to suppress the undesired structural vibrations exposed to any dynamic excitations. In this document, the performance of this control strategy is investigated using the numerical simulation results of a three-story scaled structure equipped with a Magneto-Rheological damper and subjected to an earthquake excitation. A saturated sliding mode controller is designed to calculate the required force of control. The Magneto-Rheological damper current driver is adjusted using a Clipped optimal algorithm. The proposed semi active system is exposed to the scaled El Centro 1940 earthquake excitation record. The numerical simulation result responses of the controlled and uncontrolled structure are compared. The ability of the proposed control is also proved by the peak displacement reduction of each floor. Keywords - Magneto-Rheological Damper, Sliding Mode Control, Clipped Optimal Algorithm, Earthquake Excitation, Vibration Suppress.